About Ashraf Mansour

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Age Above 57 Years
  • Salary 1850
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Management


  • 1983 - 1988
    Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering


    I Studded Mechanical Engineering


  • 2022 - 2023
    SICIM Saudi Arabia

    Project Manager

    Supply Gas from Saudi Aramco KP-19 to SWCC Plant Yanbu-3 • Attends weekly construction & engineering meetings. • Monitor work progress daily against project assigned completion dates. • Work closely/coordinate with vendors of Metering skid, Pressure reducer skid, Filtration skid. • Attend on line meeting without side kingdom of Saudi Arabia such as India, Italy. • Monitor the long lead items PO and delivery date to the site. • Monitor engineering closeout date and issue IFC drawings. • Attends weekly construction meeting progress with both of Saudi Aramco (SA) & Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC). • Check daily progress Report (PDR) and share it with proponent. • Check Risk Report and track risk item and check/work on actions required to reduce the risk. • Monitor under/above ground pipeline progress and resolve issue raised at site. • Check red markup drawings before reflect it on IFC drawings.

  • 2016 - 2020
    Al Falak Electronic Equipment & Supplies Co

    Sr. Project Construction Manager

    Master Gas System Expansion Phase 2 Compressions. • Attend weekly construction, safety, Quality/ procurement, PMCC meetings. • Monitor work progress daily against project assigned completion dates. • Monitor re-bar & concrete work for the (6) trains foundations which is 325 m³ per base. • Monitor re-bar & concrete work for the oily water sum pit which is 750 m³. • Work closely to the contractor to get 2 concrete batch plant approved (2000, 4000, 5000 psi). • Supervised installation & Test of fire water pump (Diesel, jokey, electrical pumps) For SAPMT office & camp. • Supervised installation & test of fire alarm system for SAPMT office & camp. • Get SAPMT Office & camp inspected and approved by SA FrPD & LPD. • Follow up of the piping (Steel, St. Steel) work progress shop to meet delivery and Installation date at site. • Assigned to cover the construction of KM-0 (demolish Black powder unite including instrument and metering skid, (3) hot tapping spots and (2) jump-overs). • Now moved to startup unites for pre-commissioning. • Witness CB, Point to Point test and hot loops test. • Power up (6) trains (Compressors & Generators). • Cover ongoing per-com for six trains (compressors & Turbines). Crude Expansion Unite (CEU) • Monitoring Saudi Aramco PMT camp & offices construction work. • Wetness underground pipes hydrotest. • Wetness Fire water pumps performance test. • Attending LPD & FrPD camp & offices walk through. • Work on clear walk-through punch list items with contractor. • Pay site visit to pump stations PS-09, 10, 11 and listed clashes between existing objects and new daylighting. • Classify clashes to be cleared by designer, demolish. • Work closely with designer to resolve and clear site clashes. • Monitoring daylighting excavation of concrete bases pipes support construction work. • Attend pipes Nitrogen purging and gas test before pipe demolish starts. • Demolish above grounding pipes, MOV, check valves and cemented underground pipes.

  • 2006 - 2016
    Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR).

    Consultant Mechanical Discipline Engineer

    Key Accountability at site: • Ensure appropriate safety practices at site are followed. • Perform safety audits within the areas of responsibility. • Implement agreed initiatives. • Identify and document the impact of any proposed changes in processes or procedures to produce red mark drawings then as built drawings. • Implement required procedures and ensure that they are followed by construction personnel and subcontractors. General Duties (include but not limited to): Design Phase • Review scope of work with Proponent (Kick-off Meeting). • Review workload of local team and construction personnel to develop Project schedule. • Identify required permits (building, equipment, etc.). • Coordinate planning activities during shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages. • Review project design schedule with project manager for construction duration and sequencing. • Chair design review meetings. • Review project estimate with project design information. • Review drawings for constructability, Proponent requirements, security and safety. • Identify any materials that may have a long lead time delivery and recommend possible Options. • Advise on pre-qualification for bidders after evaluation. • Chair and document pre-bid meetings. Construction Phase • Attend weekly site toolbox along with construction team. • Coordinate with local building code officials to obtain building permits. • Submit addendum associated with clarification of design documents or changes. • Reply back (RFI) Request for information. • Reply to (RFA) Request for approval as per site condition. • Monitor work progress daily against project assigned completion dates. • Prepare request for quotation information for bidding requirements if needed. • Prepare contract modifications and submit to contractors. • Advised with change order for activities not comply with assigned scope of work. • Work with office engineers to provide contract modification estimates. • Attend pre-construction with contractor and proponent. • Monitor and update construction schedule to meet construction millstone dates. • Review construction recovery schedule in case of any delay on construction at site. • Provide daily updates to project manager on issues, progress, safety and scheduling. • Determine construction percent completed with PM for monthly billing cycles (if applicable). Saudi Aramco: Company General Use Contract document. • Receive and approve Notice of Acceptance for subcontractor billing. • Assist the project engineer to resolve subcontractor queries. • Update and submit millstone reports. • Arrange with the site engineer for delivery and storage of items purchased by owner and make sure items storage as per client standards. • Observe subcontractors final testing and startup of utilities, systems and equipment. • Chair final inspection with maintenance & operation teams. • Obtain Red Mark from subcontractors. Review it for completeness and accuracy. • Regularly inspect construction at site reject work not complied with project scope of work and standards. • Work on project closeout documents. Closure. • Prepare punch list items, monitor items closeout of partial Mechanical Completion Certificate (PMCC). • Make sure PMCC has been signed in order to sign final Mechanical Completion Certificate (MCC). • Prepare project closeout documents. • Check Red makes drawings before proceed with as built drawings. • Supervised Project Record Book.

  • 2002 - 2006
    Industrial Contractor Co. Ltd

    Construction Manager

    Key Accountabilities • Planned, prepared design schedule, milestone and monitored progress against schedule. • Attend technical meetings with the client and subcontractor’s engineers. • Designing Stainless Steel Filters for strainers and supervise fabrication and installation. • Supervise erection of steel structures such as pipe rack, Pipe support, tank farm. • Install security station (bullet proof station) of Aramco Guard house. • Review & approved contracts, negotiated revisions, changes and additions to contractual agreements with clients. • Supervise site team of engineers, supervisors, technicians and support staff. • Creating in-house aided-engineering spreadsheet templates to track consumed man-hours against daily progress. • Checking design calculation and detailed drawings of other colleagues involved in projects to avoid any future site clash. • Review the project construction/design package before execution and submit RFI (request for Information) and RFA (request for request for approval. • Follow-up contractor’s field construction work to ensure compliance with project requirements and completion dates. • Provide engineering field support to site construction team. • Coordinate Weekly Progress Meeting between all parties involved. • Supervise preparation of O&M (Operation & Maintenance manual) of the project including all design calculation, vendors data sheets, as built drawings for clients.

  • 2001 - 2002
    Al-Kuhaimi Metal Industrial Co. Ltd.

    Project Manager

    Key Accountabilities • Preparation of bid proposals, follow up technical discussions with clients, contract negotiation and finalization and coordination of different projects. • Prepared cost estimate of projects. • Inspect and test the tension for high strength bolts used in structural steel connection as required on contract plans and in conformance with specifications. • Prepared shop drawings in accordance with the contract documents and specifications. • Monitor project progress, attend and participate in meeting to discuss job related problems. • Review & Approved client monthly invoices.

  • 2000 - 2001
    My Own Company

    Consultant Engineer

    Key Accountabilities • Provide design and consultancy service to several small and medium size construction companies. • Al Kuhaimi Metal Industrial Ltd., Cairo – Egypt Consultant for Major works undertaken technical and Construction Support for the Five Star Four Season Hotel, Cairo Egypt. • Resolved design/construction issues raised site construction team during construction stage.

  • 1992 - 2000
    McKeon Metal Industrial Co. New York

    Project Manager

    Key Accountabilities • Represented the company on matters such as business services and contracts negotiation. • Design / erection of steel structures as per the American standards (UL, FM, NFPA, ASTM, BSI, and ANSI) and project specifications. • Review steel structural design, schedules, plans, contracts, and drawings for Motor vehicle renewing Manhattan building project No. MMVB-UHWGT-1P/L. • Carried out with structural / mechanical design of custom made products such as hurricane, side coiling, and horizontal closures and connect it to the building fire fighting system (central fire alarm, smoke detector). • Monitor and verify project resources and cost. • Supervised the erection of steel structure as per the American standards, specifications, and construction drawings for K.S.M. (K Mart) New York U.S.A. project No. EWO#59575. • Ensured the quality and high standards performance in all erection phases as per relevant specifications. • Monitor and direct day to day activities of the support and construction supervision teams. Saudi Aramco: Company General Use • Monitor the project to ensure all project phases are done asper project schedule to avoid any delay. • Daily commenections with Subcontractors and construction team. • Reviewed the construction drawings. Supervised the installation of fire fighting system (central fire alarm, smoke detectors and power interruption system) for New York Navy building project No. NY-NB-3764/JO-37644. • Monitored environmental safety plans for erection process. • Prepared presentation to corporate management on utility issues. • Review/approved the construction design package. • Leading the design team from design concept phase, detail design phase and up to as-built phase.

  • 1991 - 1992
    JG Wilson Corporation, Norfolk, Virginia

    Field Engineer

    Key Accountabilities • Responsible for erection and field engineering of steel structural. Coordinate with different engineering disciplines and allocate work discipline wise. • Responsible for quality assurance of design drawings to comply with the project specifications and industry standards. • Made recommendations for quality improvements. • Interface with operating organization and Engineering office. • Monitored contractor of QA / QC measures. • Coordinated monthly progress meeting between all parties involved with the construction contracts.

  • 1990 - 1991
    Kirby Building System, Alexandria, Egypt

    Field Engineer

    Key Accountabilities • Responsible for the erection and field engineering of structurals. Coordinate with different engineering disciplines and allocate work discipline wise. • Inspect soil compaction, concrete foundation, reinforcement, structural stability, and site safety. • Monitored environmental safety plans of major construction projects. • Carry out field design changes to suit the site conditions.


Microsoft Project
Microsoft skills (Excel, Office, Word, Outlook, Power Point).
NAVIS 2012 (3D Pipeline Software)
PMT 104 (Management of Details Engineering)



Honors & awards

  • 2016

    Appreciation Shield

    YASREF Project Execution Department Building, Infrastructure & Communication Division appreciated my contribution to the successful completion of YASREF MC5 Building Package.